In the Beginning..

..there was light, and once there was light there was never a moment when there wasn’t, light.

God figured “go big or go home”. There were no half measures about it.


Without you it just wouldn’t be the same.

A House made by the father, for the son, because of love.

But what is love if it isn’t freely available to freely choose, without any coercion so that we can never come to resent it?

Oh what kind of freedom (and love) is this?

Context and framing amounts to nothing unless informed by love, but with love as its foundation then there’s no telling what it’s dimensions are, only that there is one (a frame), with we ourselves included even in spite of ourselves.

Set free for the sake of freedom to freely love as we are loved.

Welcome, to the house that God built.

Let’s explore it together you and I, shall we?

What else is there to do?

Royally screwed by a depth and a height of a freedom of which we had no prior conception, that’s our predicament; that’s our calling.

Heck of a thing if you ask me, for life and the author of life to put this question to us in this manner without first framing it for us! Putting the whole thing to us “because it pleased the father to share his kingdom with all his children.”

Heck of a sense of humor, if there really is a frame beyond all frames that was made by design to contain us, yet without constraining us or placing any limitations upon us ie: free of judgment and free of all condemnation or possibility of condemnation – set free for the sake of what is right and true and just and therefore at the expense of all our prior ignorance, in forgiveness and with absolute unconditional love. Now that’s funny! Puts a bind on what needed to be bound and liberates what needed liberating.

Such is the nature of the house that God built.


It’s a house of unending joy, humor, and love, and thus mutual fellowship, yours and mine, because if it was all about only you or only me in the absence of we, then what was the point of it all to begin with?

Welcome! [opens door, steps aside with a bow and a wave]

Welcome to the house that God built. I hope you enjoy yourself and that together we might get to share a laugh or two even if in the final analysis it’s a joke that can only be told at our own expense!

What else CAN we do but laugh at ourselves for what we once were or took ourselves to be, even in the face of the absolute unknown of absolute uncertainty where all self knowledge resides?

S0 come on in, pull up a chair, grab a beer, and join me in this inquiry into the nature, often absurd, of what it really means and signifies to be a human being having an experience, however good or bad, however joyful or sorrowful, but always filled with the possibility of the true humor of true understanding or the knowledge of the everlasting joy of eternal life, already always and therefore even right now at this very moment, Ha HA!


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